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weekend recap

Oh sunday nights- you make it tough to relax knowing Monday is tomorrow {sigh}.

So, instead of being bummed, let’s recap the weekend, shall we?
– made some awesome flatbread
– finished hunger game # 2 and started # 3
– ate delicious cupcakes from The Wooden Spoon
– caught up with one of my best friends
– bought just-because-flowers for our dining room table
– played with the pup who, by the way, can hold two tennis balls in her mouth
– moved stuff out of our house to prep for our “new” hardwood floors {more to come with that project}
:: a few pics ::
What did you do?

recipe :: a summer favorite

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite summer veggies dishes. {yes, I know it’s spring but with temps in the high 80’s it feels like summer already!} This dish is a little time consuming but it’s super easy and oh-my-gosh you will not regret the final product.
:: what you need ::
2 zucchini 
2 yellow squash
1 red onion
4 portabella mushroom 
1 cup cous cous

:: the marinade ::
Balsamic Vinegar – 1/2 cups
Olive Oil- 2/3 cup
Pinch of Brown Sugar or 1 TBSP of Maple Syrup
Fresh Rosemary
:: make it:: 
Cut the squash and zucchini length wise about 1/2 apart
Cut the onion, cut about 8 slices/wedges and keep on the root-en
Leave the portabella whole or cut in half
Put all the veggies in a bag and marinade for 1-2 hours
{Make sure to save the remainder of the marinade once the veggies are finished!}

Once they have marinated, grill the veggies for about 10 mins (turning once). 

Start the cous cous at the same time you put veggies on the grill as they take about the same amount of time.

After veggies are grilled, chop up the onion, squash and zucchini and add them to the cooked cous cous. Drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of the left over marinade and mixed it all up.

Lastly, I cut the portabella into thick slices and put them on top of the grilled veggie cous cous!
:: eat up ::

the shops :: target

Introducing… The Shops at Target

Earlier this year, Target announced a new design partnership launching Spring 2012 (aka now!) We all know the amazing partnerships they’ve had in the past- Missoni, Liberty of London and Jason Wu to name a few. Well, this new idea is just as cool. The new concept, The Shops at Target, will place products from select small boutiques from around the country in Target stores. In some ways, Target is a genius for stepping up and doing something like this. Not only will it help gain recognition with it’s own brand, but it will also get small business owners alike to rally together and support a big-box-store. As a small business owner myself (aka 1-person shop), I couldn’t be happier to hear about this idea and cannot wait to see how it comes to life.
A little more info:
The first round of shops include five U.S. based speciality shops; San Francisco’s The Candy Store, Aspen’s Cos Bar, Boston’s Polka Dot Bakery, Connecticut’s Privet House and Miami’s The Webster
The first Small Shop series will be a six-week-run starting May 6th , only a week away!
:: i can’t wait ::

wedding wednesday :: the app

Calling all brides, have you heard about The Appy Couple? It’s a new site where you can create your very own wedding app and get a free coordinating website.


There are a ton of different design templates to choose from and a laundry list of things that you can do with it- upload pictures, include maps and information, send a mobile version of your invite, create games for guests, etc. Right now, the site is invitation only, so if you are newly engaged and starting the planning process, give it a try! Click here for an invite.

Move over wedding websites. It looks like mobile apps are taking over the wedding industry!


weekend recap

Unfortunately, this weekend the hubs and I were busy working (and worrying) about a few house issues. Oh, homeownership. But in between the stress, we managed to have a little fun- date night, park time, patio drinks and Hunger Games. Yep. We drank the kool-aid and now we are addicted. I’m half way through the second book and the Mr is reading the first. I can’t believe we are as in to it as we are (or that we waited so long!) but we’re caught up in the adventure and can’t put them down.

best husband award: a UPS delivery last week so I didn’t have to wait to borrow #2 + #3

I also managed to get some herbs planted this weekend. This is the true testament that spring + summer are really here. Hello longer days, farmer’s markets, and BBQs. I’m so happy you have arrived.

basil // cilantro // rosemary

How did you spend your weekend?


wedding wednesday :: tablescapes

Today, I want to share a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to make your table + place setting beautiful. You know the spices you use? Well, why not bring some of them into your styling? Herbs (fresh or dried) are the perfect detail for an intimate party or a big outdoor wedding. Try placing a twig of rosemary in your napkin or set a piece of lavender on your plate. There are so many ways to bring the simplicity of the garden to your table, adding the perfect vintage touch.


an easy lunch

Sometimes packing a lunch gets tricky for a vegetarian. Sandwiches are always yummy but I don’t always have fresh veggies (or enough of them) to make a great and filling sandwich. Salads and leftovers are great but can get boring.

Back in the day {pre-vegetarianism} I used to make “batches” of tuna and chicken salad. They were always a great alternative to deli meats and you could prep it on Sunday night and have plenty throughout the week. I saw this “tuna” salad on the WholeFoods website and decided to give it a go. Funny enough, it is very similar (taste and consistency) to tuna salad but it’s veggie-friendly and packed with protein and flavor. I followed the recipe pretty closely but tweaked things where needed/wanted. I’ve been eating this all week for lunch with a side of mini pita pockets. It’s delish!

Happy lunching!


monday music

mondays are rough. motivation is lacking and it usually takes me awhile to “wake up” and get motivated. best advice? good tunes. music is such an easy way to energize the body and mind. I’m always looking for new artists that inspire me.

Right now, I have two always-playing-never-tired-of-favorites: Of Monsters and Men and Alabama Shakes. The hubs and I have been listening to the singles non-stop since last fall but now, both albums are available to purchase and better yet free to listen to on NPR.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think:

Of Monsters and Men

Alabama Shakes

Do you have any must-listen-to bands right now?


entertaining idea

With the days longer and warmer, I tend to move everything outside. So why night move game night {or date night} to your patio?
ingredients for a perfect spring night:

– make your own personal pizzas on the grill
– do a mini wine tasting 
– play cards by candlelight
– curl up together in a cozy blanket or maybe around a firepit