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It’s been way too long…

Hello? Can you hear me? Are you still out there?

I can’t believe it’s been a year (well, a little more) since I’ve blogged. To tell you the truth, I put the blog aside when I was doing a five month contract gig. It was too much keeping up with the job as well as my own business that it felt like a chore and blogging should be FUN and INSPIRING and it just wasn’t at the time. But a break isn’t always a bad thing, right?

Well, since the contract job ended, life has been a bit crazier than normal. When I’m not working on client jobs, I’ve been devoting any extra time to working on this new site (yea! finally!) BUT, the biggest news of all? I’ve been growing a little human for the last 9+ months. I’m due any day now so there will most likely be another (small) radio silence over here but know I’m coming back full force. I have so many fun projects, recipes and work to share with you and I cannot wait to get reacquainted.

For now, stay well, wish me luck and I’ll be back soon.