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oatmeal is my favorite

Yep, you read that right. Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast food. Ever. Recently, I made the easiest and tastiest slow-cooker recipe and, for some reason, I feel like I really need to share it with you all. It’s the perfect breakfast for these cold, winter mornings and it takes about 10 minutest the night before.
{I promise}

:: Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal ::

2 apples (cored and peeled)
1 cup steel cut oats 
1.5 C water
1.5 C skim milk
2 TBSP brown sugar (or something to sweeten- agave, maple syrup, etc)
1 TBSP flax seeds
pinch of salt

Stir everything together in your crockpot and cook on LOW for about 7 hours.

In the morning, add whatever you want! I like to add berries and walnuts and a little bit of milk.